We defend people accused of crime. After a public defender improperly advised an innocent 12-year-old juvenile defendant to plead guilty to first degree child molestation, we spent five years working to vacate the plea and ultimately obtain dismissal of the charges, in a case that prompted the Washington Supreme Court to adopt caseload limits and other minimum standards for defense lawyers. [State v. ANJ] [Minimum Standards] We also obtained a verdict in excess of $3 million for a man who was wrongfully accused of child molestation and spent seven months in jail unnecessarily as a result of misconduct by his public defender. [Judgment and Verdicts]


We hold wrongdoers accountable and obtain justice for injured people and their families, including precedent-setting cases involving negligent and drunk drivers, corporate and government misconduct, medical and legal malpractice, abuse and neglect of children, the elderly and vulnerable persons, and insurance company bad faith. [Reported Decisions]


We stand up for the civil rights of religious persons, including the defense of cases brought by the Attorney General of Washington and private litigants to compel a florist to participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony in violation of her religious beliefs. [State v. Arleneā€™s Flowers, Inc.]


Other lawyers retain or consult us when a case is appealed. George Ahrend frequently appears before the Washington Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and, for the past seven years, has served as lawyer for the amicus curiae ("friend of the court") program of the largest association of trial lawyers in the state. [Reported Decisions]